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Dear Alumni,

After years of dreaming, planning, designing, and imagining, I am SO excited to share the greatest news of 2021 with you…

Our very own app – 360° LIFE – is now live!!!!

We worked relentlessly to create a healing safe space for YOU, away from all the social media noise, confusion, and negativity!

And the app is available to YOU at your fingertips!

When you completed the 360° Impact Health Program, you made progress and created healing momentum. However, you know that without consistency, support, and accountability, there is a possibility of experiencing setbacks.

But we know that’s not what YOU want for your life…

You deserve THE BEST!

On behalf of myself and the whole 360° Team, we want nothing but lasting, permanent SUCCESS for you.

We want you to maintain your momentum and accelerate your progress until you’ve achieved all of your goals.

While you now have a strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important for you to have ongoing support and accountability to continue building your winning mindset, motivation for healthy dietary habits, and enhancing your circle of like-minded women and men, who have their eyes set on 100% health and lasting joy – just like YOU!

So, I created the 360° LIFE app to help you get rejuvenated, stay focused, and make your healing a permanent way of life. This way you can keep up with what you’ve already achieved, continue to receive our support, and make your way to 100% wellness.



SUPPORT & accountability


360° LIFE app is an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE community. It offers you access to the 360° Team, as well as our thriving healing community, made up of our current clients, alumni, and our general subscribers, available to you on-the-go through a mobile app and desktop experience. You can have access to us ANYWHERE you are!

No more feeling disconnected! No more isolation! No more living without answers to your most pressing health questions. No more multiple social media platforms and wondering if we got your message!

We got your back! And…

You will be in community with the most amazing human beings on planet Earth. All with one goal and passion – achieving optimal health, happiness, and prosperity in every area of their lives…NATURALLY!

Let me give you a quick tour of the community you’ve been waiting for.

360 life app elena

Once you download the app on your phone or access it via desktop, you get to explore all of the benefits we have waiting for you.

We’ve got you covered by offering you access to a number of communities, such as:

  • Global Group (accessible to all app subscribers)
  • Client Group (for current program participants only)
  • Alumni Group (for our grads – YOU)
  • Weight Loss Program Group (we are rolling in out in the next few weeks).


360 life app elena

Each group has its own personality, characteristics and offerings.

The Global Group (accessible by all of our members) offers daily engagement initiated by our coaches and members. Bi-weekly Livestreams. Weekly challenges. A health course among other benefits.

Our Client and Alumni Groups have additional benefits, such as access (via app) to the 360° Academy, Q&A replays, and Intention Groups.


360 life app elena

Our current clients were the first to benefit from the 360° LIFE App, and they LOVE IT!

The daily engagement is through the roof!

From sharing in the daily topics hosted by our expert coaches to sharing their own recipes, life’s success, progress, and AHA moments – nothing is held back!

Our clients are so grateful to have a home where they can thrive and connect.

360 life app elena

Each time one of our coaches shares a post or a tool to get you to your goal of 100% health, happiness, and prosperity, or when someone responds to YOUR post or comment, you will get a notification right on your phone!

Or, you can log into the app to explore your daily feed from each community you belong to, or to explore most popular topics. You can even subscribe to our most popular hashtags, so you never miss a thing!

360 life app elena

While in the app, you can enjoy EXCLUSIVE weekly posts by me (Elena), on the topics of health and hormone science which are NOT available on any other platform! Ever!

And you can catch up on the latest inspiring, thought-provoking, motivating HEALTH WIZARD podcasts!


360 life app elena

Even with all this awesomeness, we didn’t stop there…

Certain memberships offer access to a growing library of meditations created SPECIFICALLY for healing, trauma release, and creating the future you deeply desire – one filled with health, love, peace, and prosperity.

If you ever wanted a health tool – we probably have it!

360 life app elena

And because we cannot pack all of the wisdom we stand to offer in our course, we even created a Book Club where we discuss the most life-changing works that allow our clients to achieve health and mindset transformation every single day.

And we brought in our favorite items that allow you to get the best of what health has to offer into the 360° LIFE app.

To put it simply – 360° LIFE app brings THE MOST POWERFUL HEALTH COMMUNITY and tools into your hands.

When you get plugged into our community, you WILL BE SUPPORTED, TRANSFORMED, AND KEPT ACCOUNTABLE to YOUR own success goals.

No more confusion, information paralysis, or being held back by the negativity of social media platforms. 360° LIFE is the only community you will ever need to get laser-focused to achieve your wildest health and life goals.

The only thing it’s missing right now is you!

We are awaiting your arrival with our arms and hearts opened wide. We are ready for YOU.

Are you ready to make 2021 the best year of your life?

This app is amazing! Safe, friendly, and private community to connect, learn, and feel supported! Absolutely love it! Highly recommend!


I think the app is awesome! I am so pleased with it. It is making me socialize more and I feel comfortable. It’s a great way to connect with everyone and it provides a tremendous amount of support for each other. It is private and safe. It really is motivating and helps me to stay committed to my goals.


I didn’t realize how stressful social media can be until I started using the 360 app. It feels safe and private enough for me to share my journey. I also enjoy getting to know other people’s journeys better as they share in the app. We don’t always get that time during the Q&A call. I feel closer to the other people in the community now and I feel like my support system just grew tenfold.


The 360 app is super easy to navigate and I love how colorful and cheery everything always looks! It’s a beam of light, at the end of a sometimes dark tunnel! It allows for women to come together and support each other, all from different geographic areas, demographics, and interests; but all with the same common goal…to support each other in every endeavor that strengthens them and allows for healing!


sign me up!

Frequently asked questions


Our app is exclusive and is by-invitation-only, so you will not be able to find it in app stores. Once the payment is made, we will send you a personal email invitation to the community with instructions and links for Android and iOS systems within 24 hours.

You will follow instructions to access the app (on mobile or desktop, or both), create your profile, and begin participating in the most amazing health community ever created.


As you already know – there is no such thing as free in life. All Big Tech owned companies monetize off you by running ads and using your personal data for their gain.

We don’t do that! Our app is not owned or run by Big Tech. It was created and developed as a labor of love for our clients and members by us.

We keep your information PRIVATE. We do not run ads inside the app to pollute your mental space to keep you distracted like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to cover our expenses. Our one and only goal is to serve you.

We charge to pay our developers and our staff to offer this life-changing tool to provide you with an outstanding service.

what is your refund/cancellation policy?
  • Access to the app is provided based on a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Cancellations require a 14-day notice before the next payment is due.
  • We do not provide refunds once the payment has been made.
how do I get the most out of the app?
  1. Determine the level of access you desire. We recommend 360° Life Alumni Reserve for the greatest benefit.
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Connect with other grads. And…
  4. Participate. Participate. Participate. Our community will give you what you put into it. As with the program – your success is driven by your commitment.