Mondays can be a drag. You just spent two amazing days reconnecting with friends and family, having fun, and catching up on your to-do list, and then… WHAM! You have to go back to your 9 to 5, or, if you are a business owner, to your sun-up-to-sun-down gig. You might even feel like you need another weekend to catch some shut-eye.

If Fridays have been dubbed TGIF-days, then Mondays have become OMGIM (oh, my god, it’s Monday!) days. Yeek! Not how we want to feel if we are to heal our bodies from chronic illnesses!

But, I have good news for you, my friend…

Mondays can be AMAZING! (I don’t know why but I always sing AMAZING in my best Oprah voice 🙂 in my head.)

Here are…


(or any other day of the week).

1. Know Yourself – Know what makes you – YOU! What makes you happy? What encourages you? What drains your energy? Take the time to cater to what fuels you. You know the saying: “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”? It’s absolutely true! We can’t take care of others if we are running on empty. Great Mondays, and a great life, start with giving time and space to creating happiness and joy in your heart first! Don’t fall prey to taking care of everyone else at your own expense. Great life, and great Mondays, start with taking care of YOU!

2. Have a Routine – An amazing Monday starts the day before. On Sunday, take time to spend with your loved ones, connect to nature, unplug from technology. Stay connected to the present moment, because the present – RIGHT NOW – is the only time you’re guaranteed to have.

3. Have a CLEAR Plan For the Day – Be clear on your day’s outcomes. If you don’t, you feel flip-flop from one task to another, feeling like you have not accomplished anything. However, before you get to your busy schedule, wake up to gratitude.

Start by being grateful for all your life already afforded you, for all that you are and you have, and for all that you will become. Gratitude uplifts your spirit and elevates your vibration. Health happens at higher vibration levels!

After you fill your heart with gratitude, you’re ready to start! Take care of your family and send them off to their activities. Then – it’s YOUR HEALTH time!

4. Include Fitness in your Monday Morning Routine – Get that blood pumping. Oxygenate your body, release endorphins, glow up your skin with the increased blood flow. And remember to move for at least 5 minutes each 30-minute interval, whether you are at home or in a boardroom.

Sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time slows down your metabolism by 90%!

5. Visualize & Mediate – if you look at the best athletes in the world, they ALL use some sort of visualization technique.

Michael Phelps, for example, who holds 23 gold medals, was taught by his coach and his mother relaxation and visualization techniques from the age of 11. He prepares himself mentally for his wins BEFORE they happen, playing them out in his mind over and over again. If someone like Phelps does it, who are we not to do it! Success has many faces, but techniques to achieve success can be used by all of us equally.

So, take a few minutes to empty your mind from the noise of your inner chatter to focus on the greatness of your heart. And then let THAT feeling guide you through the day. And take a few minutes a day to imagine your goals as if they already happened. You will be amazed at how you feel throughout the day.

6. Follow a Schedule – Once you’ve taken care of preparing yourself for the day – you are pumped! Monday is a great day and it is time to slay your dragons!

Start with the biggest and most important tasks first. Deal with what would require the most of your mental energy. Do not push it aside to after you’ve filled your day with small things that could and should be outsourced to someone else, and things that don’t produce big results. Those are energy suckers. YOU should focus on your area of genius that only YOU can complete, and on things that create the biggest outcome for your effort first.

7. Control your Stress Response – Stress is a choice! You can go through stress as an observer and a responder, or as a participant. If you become a participant – your day is ruined, and your health is taking a downward turn! Do not let anyone, including yourself, push you into having a knee-jerk reaction to stress. Evaluate a stressful situation unemotionally, by detaching yourself from the outcome, then take action needed to address it. THEN and only then, allow yourself to feel.

The good part is that by then you will have only the sense of accomplishment, pride, and victory to experience. And you will have avoided releasing hormones of stress in your body.

8. Allot Time for Fun! Take a few minutes throughout the day to bring joy into your routine. Laughter and joy are the best medicine for a body that is recovering from a chronic condition! And for anyone who wants to have an amazing Monday. When we experience joy, we allow our bodies to self-regulate hormone production!!! No supplements needed!

9. Choose Healing Foods – A whole food plant-based diet is the best way to ensure you are getting all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins your body needs for healthy hormone production, thyroid health, and overall health and weight loss or weight maintenance.

10. Get a good night’s sleep the night before! A rested body is a happy body!

There you have it, Lovely Friend! If you are tired of OMGIT days, use these 10 simple ways to turn them into TGIM days!

Share your own ways to make Mondays into TGIM days in the comments below.

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