8 Scary Side Effects of Coconut Oil

If you’ve been under the impression that coconut oil is great for you, I am glad you are here, because…


Coconut oil, as a food, is quite a health hazard.

In the last article, we explored 8 Reasons Coconut Oil is Bad for You. In it, you learned…


1. 8 Reasons Coconut Oil is Bad for You

1.1 Coconut Oil Raises Cholesterol

1.2 Coconut Oil Increases Risk of Heart Disease

1.3 Coconut Oil Leads to Weight Gain

1.4 Coconut OOiul Can Affect Brain Function

1.5 Coconut Oil is Hydrogenated

1.4 Coconut Oil is Bad for Cooking

1.7 Coconut Oil Can Lead to Tumor Formation

1.8 Coconut Oil is Bad for Thyroid Health

1.9 Coconutty Conclusions

2. 7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

2.1 Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

2.2 Coconut Oil is a Great Lubricant

2.3 Coconut Oil is a Great Hair Conditioner

2.4 Create a Chemical-Free Deodorant from Coconut Oil

2.4.1 Coconut Oil Deodorant Recipe

2.5 Coconut Oil is Great for Removing Makeup

2.6 Coconut Oil as a Massage Oil

2.7 Coconut Oil to Make Soap

3. Coconut Benefits

3.1 Coconut Water Benefits

3.2 Coconut Meat Benefits

4. Conclusion

So, if you missed it, be sure to read it.

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coconut oil side effects


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