Develop These Indestructible Habits to Become Your Own Healer

Health is not for the weak of heart. It is reserved for those who can commit to it.

While millions suffer from hormone, thyroid, autoimmune, and other health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s, MS and many more, only a portion of them will ever find their path to health. And it is not because they are not capable. It is because allopathic medicine teaches us a microwave approach to health – don’t change yourself! Take a pill. Have surgery. Suffer. But don’t ask the big questions – once you are sick, you are sick forever.

But what if we asked the right questions, such as – what is causing my specific health disorder? And even better questions – how can I reverse and heal my condition? And then took the time to create habits to see ourselves through to implement what needs to be done for us to become self-healing machines?

On today’s episode of the Health Wizard podcast, I am put in the love seat by one of my clients, who asks me these hard questions:

  • What made me give up on allopathic and naturopathic medicine?
  • What made me think I could heal myself since my doctors told me I couldn’t?
  • How did I solve my own health problem and heal from hypothyroidism, a pituitary tumor, and infertility?
  • What methods did I use to become permanently healthy instead of yo-yo dieting, over-supplementing, or trying therapies that lack permanent outcomes?
  • Is getting healthy easy?
  • Is it really possible to become healthy for good even if we struggled with health issues for years?
  • What kind of habits can allow someone to become an indestructible self-healer?
  • When and whom to ask for help?
  • How to go from being a victim to becoming a self-healer?

We also take a deep dive into my personal journey of healing myself and conceiving naturally, although my doctors had given me no hope. We even talk about my close brush with death.

We unravel the magic combination of factors that help me pinpoint the exact root cause of our clients’ health issues. And why we have over 95% success rate in helping people heal themselves.

And how to use diet, thoughts, and mindset to epigenetically transform your body into an epitome of health.

Enjoy the show and then, if you are ready for help, contact us for your complimentary health clarity call to see how I can help you get to your health sooner than later.

Develop These Indestructible Habits to Become Your Own Healer


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