“You can’t heal Hashimoto’s!” says about every doctor and endocrinologist out there.

Of course, they would! Modern medical science is training in disease management, not healing.

When it comes to acute care, I think that Western medicine is the best tool we can ask for. However, when it comes to chronic illnesses…not so much.

It took me over FIVE years to find a doctor to diagnose me when I struggled with hypothyroidism symptoms. And I never found a specialist, including naturopaths, who would tell me that I could heal myself.

Manage symptoms…



Not so much.

In fact, my doctor told me that HEALING and CURING myself should not be a part of my life plan, because “it’s simply not possible to do”. (The same doctor, only a couple of years later, when I came to him with a clean bill of health, while impressed, declined my offer to share with him HOW I healed myself.)

The question I get asked all the time is: Elena, you say that you healed yourself (I did! Thank you so much! 😊), but can your outcomes be replicated? And what if I have Hashimoto’s? (autoimmune thyroiditis) Hyperthyroidism? Grave’s Disease? Thyroid cancer? Etc.

The answer is – absolutely! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Since healing myself, I’ve coached women and men from 30 different countries to the same outcomes as mine.

We identify the root cause of their condition (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, etc.), then we create a plan of action with them, I give them the tools they need, and…

95-100% of my clients walk away healing themselves from what they thought “incurable” diseases in a matter of a few short months. Some even faster.

When Belonn reached out to me, she had been searching for help for a few years. Seven years on thyroid medications for Hashimoto’s, symptoms were piling on and stealing her joy. All she wanted was to get her life back.

She did not want to carry excess weight which was not budging despite her trying out various diets – she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin and sexy for herself and her husband.

She did not want to feel exhausted, despite taking medications and supplements – a homeschooling Mom of three, she needed as much energy as possible to keep up with her kiddos.

She did not want to be short-tempered – her family, her friends, and she herself deserved better.

She did not want to keep injuring her body with a medication that comes with a list of over 60 possible side effects.

A former athlete, she wanted to get back to working out and feeling alive, yet…she barely had enough energy to make it through the day.

She got worse with time – a goiter on her thyroid gland and two miscarriages…

Things had to change.

A DIYer and a skeptic by nature, Belonn finally knew that winging it on her own was going to get her nowhere. Spending hours in research was not getting rid of her symptoms. Not any place she wanted to be. Rather than going deeper down the rabbit hole of Do-It-Yourself-every-diet-on-the-market-every-supplement-in-the-store-three-hour-a-day-research-approach and barely remembering who she was, Belonn was ready for an expert to give her a clear plan of action, specific to her, so she could stop wasting her time and money, and get her life back.

Once we uncovered the root causes of her Hashimoto’s and Belonn implemented her plan, feeling good was achieved easier and faster than she ever thought possible. In 4 weeks all 39 of her symptoms were gone!

Her thyroid was improving rapidly – in under 5 months, her doctor weaned her off medication (after SEVEN years of taking it!!!).

She lost 30 lbs. and lost the emotional weight she had been carrying around.

Belonn got her energy back. Her relationship with her husband went deeper and became more intimate.

No more impatience flare-ups – Belonn’s children LOVE having a Mom who dances, laughs, and takes them on regular family outings filled with fun and athletic activities.


She is now working out more than she ever thought would be possible for her. And she feels strong, sharp in her mind, and vibrant!

In Belonn’s words – what she got from the time we worked together cannot be found anywhere else. It is priceless and an opportunity of a lifetime, because now that she healed herself, she never plans on being sick with Hashimoto’s again.

In today’s interview, Belonn shares her transition from feeling frustrated and hopeless to living a life filled with excitement, self-love, fun and…no deprivation, or calorie counting!

Most importantly, she shares the steps she took, which were more important than a thyroid-healing diet (which is VERY important) that allowed her to fulfill her dreams for health in record time in a way that she could upgrade her goals and her dreams to living her best life ever.

Listen to the interview. Then…

IF you are ready to take a quantum leap forward and go from surviving to thriving, schedule a complimentary HEALTH CLARITY CALL to see what’s possible for you…before this year is over.



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