Eliminating Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain, IBS and GERD in 8 Weeks

Meet Debbie!

Director of Sales Support at a major company, author and blogger, wife, mother, professional artist and health food chef enthusiast.

She had all this going for her…however, it did not happen without struggle.

She felt exhausted all time, had brain fog so bad she occasionally walked into walls and had trouble communicating with her staff because her words would not come out clearly!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she was on thyroid medication, 14 different supplements and dealing with whopping 41 symptoms due to her battle with hypothyroidism, GERD, IBS, chronic pain syndrome, osteoarthritis (and much more).

I get exhausted describing it. Imagine living with this?

Something had to give!

So, Debbie found us, and we began her wellness journey together.

Only 4 weeks she was 86% better!

8-weeks in…she was symptom, medication, supplement, and disease-free. And she pulled off slimming down by two dress-sizes without trying.

I know, I know…

Skeptics, doubters, haters and most medical professionals would say that is absolutely impossible, but her numbers tell a different story!

So, how did she do it? I wish I could say it was magic. But…it’s better than that!

Simple changes her daily regimen- diet, lifestyle, mindset, etc. -and boom – FREE of all that was making her life miserable.

Here is Debbie’s story in her own words.


Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain, IBS, GERD

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