Eliminating Hashimoto’s Symptoms and Infertility in Less Than 3 Months!

Ever wanted something so badly, yet it seemed like you couldn’t have it?

Something that everyone else is enjoying the benefits of and yet it seems impossible for you even after years of medical care and medications?

That something – to conceive and have a baby – was all Itzel wanted.

When Itzel reached out, she’d been struggling with Hashimoto’s for 8 years already and had a hard time conceiving, and had survived a miscarriage.

She tried everything: medications, supplements, diets, you name it. She had ran many labs, in two different countries, bouncing from doctor to doctor.

The medications made her feel sicker, instead of better and the supplements offered no improvement.

One of her doctors even recommended partial thyroidectomy (removing a part of her thyroid).

Itzel was exhausted!

It seemed like there was nothing else to try… and then she found…us.

When we first began, her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was 56! On a scale of normal to scary, that was pretty scary.

She was allergic to medications and had made her feel sicker, so, she could not really rely on them.

With laser-focus on her well-being and weight loss, with an end goal of a healthy pregnancy, we put together a plan.

3 weeks into the plan, I got an URGENT email from Itzel: ” Elena! I THINK IM PREGNANT! OMG!”

Whoa! Excited, scared, elated, overjoyed…all of the above and more is how we all felt! She WAS pregnant!!!

Itzel continued working very hard on her health because now it was no longer just her that we were taking care of. There was a little miracle growing inside of her that needed Mommy to be at the top of her game.

In 3 months, Itzel improved so rapidly that her TSH dropped by 44 points! And, drumroll, please….in 6 months, by 51 points!!! From 56 to 5!

She kept getting better, kept losing weight and successfully completed her THIRD trimester MEDICATION-FREE!

Proud to report she is now the mother of a bouncing, healthy, baby boy!

In this interview, we talk about Itzel’s journey from fear, despair, and pain, to the joys of health and motherhood that became possible in a matter of weeks!

Listen to Itzel’s story, and then, if you are ready for your transformation story and want to see HOW/IF we can help you get there, schedule a free Health Audit Session with us!


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Since completing the 360° Impact Health Program, Itzel had three healthy pregnancies and deliveries!

Holistic Master Health & Life Coach

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