Graves and Hashimoto’s Symptoms Reversed Naturally

Imagine that a long-standing disease has robbed you of your health and youth for the past 5, 10, even 30 years! You’ve tried EVERYTHING – medications, supplements, surgeries, naturopaths, MDs, DOs, acupuncturists, herbalists, you name it and still no real results. If any, they were marginal.
When you are desperate and hurting, it might seem that you spend more time visiting your doctors than spending with your family.
This was Ochie’s story. She used to visit her doctors’ offices a couple of times a week.
Medicine and supplements…and she still ended up having survived two thyroid storms. If you aren’t sure what a thyroid storm is, here is a little tidbit about it.
During thyroid storm, an individual’s heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature can soar to dangerously high levels, which might lead to a fatal incident.
So, Ochie lived through two of these…and was not sure if she can survive #3.
She knew that something had to happen, so, she searched high and low until she found our online community: ACHIEVING HEALTHY HORMONE NATURALLY. And there, she got a glimmer of hope.
But…when you’ve suffered for so long, you are not sure if you can even allow yourself to hope.
Ochie had spent her “kid’s inheritance” on supplements, herbs, diets, and medications. She tried everything to get well already. So, her initial thought was “this can’t be, it’s too good to be true! Could I possibly reverse all that I have already lost?”
Ochie went through years of suffering. Her health spiraled down, as she acquired an unsavory collection of diseases, which included: Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s and even Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).
By the time she was expecting her 4th child, she was at her doctor’s office more frequently than at home. Ok…I’m exaggerating but it was once or twice a week as a norm. They had grown to a first-name basis relationship. However, that was not something she wanted to get an award for or keep going with it.
So…she took the plunge. She decided that it’s better to have tried something and have a chance at success, rather than not try anything out of fear, and keep existing the way she did.
In a few short weeks, this amazing, strong woman, who was suffering from 52 thyroid disease-related symptoms DURING her pregnancy and was on medication, was able to achieve the impossible…
She even stumped her doctors by doing it – getting BETTER during her pregnancy, instead of worse.
In fact, she was able to finish her pregnancy absolutely medication free!
Delivered her baby without drugs or complications, and now has…
And…went from suffering from 52 symptoms down to 11 in less than three months.
At the nine-month mark, she was down to ONE symptom.
As of today, when I am sharing this episode with you, even the last symptom – the thyroid eye disease, when the eyes are pushed out of their orbits – is nearly fully reversed.
Ochie is no longer wearing her double-vision glasses. She is full of energy. And…she even plays baseball with her children.
Now, THAT’S some fairy dust magic.
Today’s episode is a recording of my conversation with Ochie, 3 months into her doing our 360° Impact Health program.
During our conversation, we talk about her progress. About what’s worked for her, why it worked, and what she was working on now to reclaim her 100% wellbeing.
If you are suffering from a health issue, hormone related or otherwise, pull out your notepad, and dedicated the next 60 minutes of your time to YOURSELF.
Once you are done listening, leave a comment under this post and let me know what you hope to achieve with your health.


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See how Ochie is doing 2 years later.



Ochie’s Thyroid Eye Disease is 100% resolved!

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