Healing From Autoimmune Disease Naturally After Years of Suffering

When you’ve already tried every imaginable approach to addressing your autoimmune disease and all the symptoms it brings with it, there is often a dose of skepticism that comes with your experience. Even though you know you cannot stop looking for a solution, an answer that is right for you might sound too good to be true. If not careful, this might cost you the very thing you’ve been hoping for – your health!

This is exactly what happened to Danielle. She spent SEVENTEEN YEARS searching for an answer to her multiple health conditions…

IBS, Sjogren’s, severe digestive issues, ovarian cysts, possible hypothyroidism and 43 symptoms that came with these disorders.

Over 17 years and $81,000 spent on her health pursuits (and trust me, when you get desperate, you are willing to do anything to feel normal again), Danielle felt that there was nothing left to try to heal from her autoimmune disease.


When she found yours truly and my 360° Impact Health Program, the possibility of getting her health issues resolved once and for all seemed too good to be true.

In fact so much, that she almost did not move forward.

But was she really willing to give up?

Not if she could help it. With a little bit of reflection and support, she said “YES!” to her dreams and to her future.

As of today, Danielle did not only effectively resolve her symptoms, she also slashed her future health expenses next to nothing. To celebrate her recovery, she cleared her cupboards of SEVENTY supplements and said goodbye to fear of the future. Now Danielle serves as my assistant health coach and gets to help other women do what she achieved for herself.

In today’s episode, Danielle sits down with Sophie – our enrollment coach – to discuss her journey from hopeless to healed, and shares how you too can have a future, even if you already failed at many health attempts.

Listen to her story, then, if you feel that you need help to achieve joy and a healthy body, even if you already tried everything there is to try… reach out!

Schedule a complimentary 15-min health clarity call with us to see what’s possible for you.

Healing From Autoimmune Disease Naturally After Years of Suffering



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