Hypothyroidism and a Pituitary Tumor – How She Went from Wanting to Die to Complete Freedom!

Imagine living the American Dream – great education, a thriving business, prince charming at your side, amazing kids – every reason to love your life.

But one day your world comes to a screeching halt and you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck!

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a pituitary tumor! 40+ symptoms and counting. Medication, supplements..without any relief. 

Things get so bad that you are forced to sell your business and become a prisoner…to your own body. And your dream life turns into a nightmare. 

You are feeling confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.

Things get so bad that you have to sell your business because you are now tapped out of resources! You find yourself out of energy, laying on the couch suffering so much so, now you just want to end all the madness, give up and die so you don’t have to suffer any longer!

Sounds like a horror movie script, doesn’t it?

Rimgaile lived that!

Thankfully, her plea for death – a quick release from this horrible situation – went unaswered.

She reached out. We talked about her health and her dreams, and we concluded that she could have her life just as she wanted it.



Supplement free.



And have her life, the one she worked so hard to build, back to normal.


So, she and I went to work. And like magic, things began to happen!

7 weeks later she was medication-free. Doctor approved.

And… she started a new business!

9 weeks later…she is symptom-free, as in 40+ symptoms that stole her life from her…POOF! Gone!

She is dropping pounds off her frame like hot potatoes. And LOVING her life.

Sounds too good to be true?

Listen for yourself as Rimgaile and I talk about her healing process and how it became possible to have everything she only dreamt of but could not have, just several months ago!

Her doctor is blown away by her results.

How would you like to experience the same life-changing results, rid yourself of hormone imbalance and live symptom-free?

Listen to her story, and then if you are ready to get your life back on track…

Reach out to us!

We can talk about what’s possible for you, and how fast you too can go back to living your wildest dreams.


hypothyroidism, pituitary tumor

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Here is a quick check-in with Rimgaile 10 months after her participation in the 360 Impact Health Program.

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