PCOS and Hypothyroidism Reversed in Less Than 8 Weeks

How does a 30-some year young, who’s doing all the right things – working out, clean eating and seeking professional medical help – still end up being ill?

Worse than that…

Why is she not getting better?

Instead, her health is steadily deteriorating! Up to 21 symptoms and counting!

And before she knows it, she is diagnosed with PCOS and Hypothyroidism and is taking medications for these conditions…without anything to show for it. And when medications are not working, she goes for supplements.

And nothing…

More trips to doctors.

More symptoms.

More misery.

She is given NO HOPE. Promised NO CURE.

But, she is still trying, hoping, believing for something different, because…

This is NOT the life she envisioned for herself.

Her name is Carmen. She lives in Germany.

When she ran out of things to try, she found a crazy Russian online, who convinced her that things CAN get better.

So, Carmen took a leap of faith, in spite of feeling like she tried it all.

Scary? Absolutely!

Determined not to fail? Even more so, because she had nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain.

Six weeks later she went to see her doctors (yes, plural! doctorS), and heard the words she never thought she would hear, because it was her doctors who told her that it would be impossible to achieve…

“You are PCOS and hypothyroidism free!”

“Oh…and you no longer need to take medication for either!”

This was Carmen’s dream…becoming a reality.

She was now free to live and to dream about building her life and her future around WHAT’S POSSIBLE. And she went for it.

This is Carmen’s story in her words.

Carmen is gorgeous, educated, driven, and totally fabulous. She came to me at the end of October 2016. By January of 2017, Carmen was declared disease free by 3 doctors and got rid of her 21+ symptoms…without medications!

As of TODAY, Carmen is also a Mom to a little girl – a dream that was a heartache before, because she could not achieve it while struggling with PCOS and hypothyroidism.

In this interview, she is going to tell you about her journey and what made it so extraordinary and easy.


PCOS, hypothyroidism

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It’s been nearly two years since Carmen’s graduation. She is still hypothyroidism and PCOS-free! And…now she is a happy mom of a beautiful baby girl.

Let’s catch up with Carmen and see what she is doing to sustain her progress and make her health achievements permanent.

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