Your Health is a Mirror of Your Internal World

COVID-19 pandemic revealed a weakness in the modern medical approach to addressing chronic conditions such as Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, PCOS, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, and other thyroid and hormone disorders. What happens to you, if you depend on medication and labs to manage such conditions, if your doctor’s office is shut down? If hospitals are closed? If there is no one to help you manage your health crisis? What if you are going into a thyroid storm? What if you are doubled over in pain? Your condition is not considered to be a top priority. You are stuck. What do you do?

This is the reason why I was so determined to find a way to REVERSE my health challenges when I suffered from hypothyroidism and pituitary tumor, rather than medicating them – I did not want to be left suffering if there was a crisis like COVID19.

I also did not want to struggle day to day, even if pharmacies and hospitals were open. I did not want the symptoms or the side effects that would come from using medications, and even supplements. I wanted a minimalistic approach to health that would yield maximum results. (When I say minimalistic, read SIMPLE.) I did not want to be on two medications and twenty supplements. I did not want to eat vitamins from a bottle. I did not want to wonder what would happen if I had to travel and could bring my personal mini-pharmacy with me.


Freedom from symptoms. Freedom from supplements. Freedom from medications and therapies. Freedom from being held me to live my best life.

I wanted HEALTH!

Simple, natural, sustainable HEALTH!

This forced me to look inside my heart and mind and be honest with myself. I asked myself a hard question: “What is it that I am willing to tolerate and what are my non-negotiables? Am I okay popping pills and still living with symptoms, or do I settle for nothing less than 100% wellness?”

In today’s episode, I uncover the very process that allowed me to find my 100% wellness, so you can replicate it for yourself.

Take a listen. Then…

IF you are ready to take a quantum leap forward and go from surviving to thriving, from fearing the future to embracing your life EVERY SINGLE DAY, schedule a complimentary HEALTH CLARITY CALL to see what’s possible for you…before this year is over.


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