It’s Never Too Late to Heal – Reversing Hashimoto’s and Adrenal Fatigue at 69

It’s never too late to heal yourself. Even in the direst situations, and regardless of your age, as long as you are willing to fight for yourself – there is always hope.

When Sherida found me, she was 69 and was suffering from the symptoms of Hashimoto’s, high blood pressure, and adrenal fatigue for over 15 years.

A registered dietician by trade, Sherida was ahead of many in her understanding of the role nutrition plays in our health. She was already eating a plant-based diet, yet her health was suffering.

3 medications, 12 supplements, and 38 symptoms were on her inventory list when we met. She was averaging $4,000/yr on medications and almost as much on having access to specialists who did not do much to get her to the health she craved.

One thing that kept Sherida going was that she was not willing to give up and concede her power. She still had a life to live. A purpose to fulfill. And she was going to do it in the best health of her life.

Within 12 weeks of working together, and following her personalized plan for health, Sherida dropped 25 lbs., went from 38 to 4 symptoms, came off 10 supplements, 2 medications, and was on her way to becoming medication- and symptom-free.

It’s never too late to start! Not if you are willing to commit to yourself and to your purpose. Sherida proved this to be true.

She found that being open-minded, willing to learn and being open to change, having a clear plan, a community to support her and a trusted guide who had a proven track record were what she needed to create the health she deserved.

Her advice – DON’T DO IT ALONE! And trust your body’s innate wisdom and know that with expert support you can do this too.

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