Reversing Hypothyroidism & Hormone Imbalance in 3 months

After five years of medical care, supplements, waking up at 2 am to take a medication that would give her only marginal outcomes, Lisa knew that things had to change.

With a promising career in real estate, a beautiful child and husband to live for, she was not willing to compromise another day of her life. Lack of energy, complete exhaustion by the early afternoon and zero motivation belonged in horror movies, not in her life. And it certainly did not fit into her future.

Lisa’s dreams for her future were big, and much needed. She wanted to change her community, serve the underserved and show them that there is a better way to do life and relationships. However, dealing with over forty symptoms daily left little energy to dream, let alone to make strides toward living her dream.

In the twelve weeks that followed her decision to enroll in the 360° Impact Health program, Lisa realized that her dreams did not have to be put on hold anymore.

From forty symptoms to NONE!

No more sluggish thyroid! Her ND lowered her medication to the lowest dosage possible within weeks, with plans to wean Lisa off completely in the next few weeks.

No more expensive supplements that come with their own side effects. Her joint pain, body ache, and extra weight were dissolving rapidly.

No more missed out appointments with clients! She sold as much real estate in the first quarter of 2019 as she did in the whole of 2018! This alone stands to quadruple her income. When you drop the expense of supplements and medications she has even a bigger ROI coming her way.

No more afternoon naps or energy crashes. Now, when she gets tired, it is because it’s been a long and fruitful day, not because she feels wiped out and foggy.

No more endless hours of research which always ended up in confusion. Now Lisa has a clear cut plan that works for the whole family! Even Keith, Lisa’s amazing supportive husband, benefited from her clarity – his health began to improve as well.

And best of all, as Lisa reversed hypothyroidism symptoms and the hormone imbalance, and her skin went from flaky to glowing, now Lisa does not have to miss out on those special moments she worked so hard to have in her life.

What accounts for Lisa’s amazing and fast transformation? A clear plan that covers 360° of her life – diet, mindset, deficiencies, lifestyle, childhood trauma and so much more. And it gives her a clear, daily plan of action on specific steps she can take to address everything that held her back for years.

No more regrets! Lisa is now free to live her dream life NOW!

Here’s what Lisa had to say about her health journey.

curing hormone imbalanceFor most of my life, I had been a very fit, healthy, and active individual. My body was fairly consistent and I was able to manage my life well at a high level of energy and creativity.

When I was 34 years old, I started to experience body pain, joint pain, skin rashes, weight gain, and a myriad of other symptoms that just didn’t make any sense.

Year after year I went to see my medical doctors – I had consistent blood work run year after year, visit after visit, MRI’s, ultrasounds, and physical therapy.

However, they could offer me no definitive answers on what was happening to me and only wanted to treat my symptoms with a myriad of pills that I chose to refuse.
I began to get desperate and I started to do my own research. I concluded that I was experiencing symptoms of sub-clinical hypothyroid, possibly autoimmune disorder, and adrenal fatigue.

My allopathic doctors’ only response was to tell me that I needed to exercise and eat better.

I already ate a completely organic diet and had cut out all gluten, chemicals, and packaged foods, so their advice was not helpful.

I then tried every supplement on the market.

I could not exercise due to the pain and the complete physical and mental exhaustion I was experiencing.

I went from a vibrant young active wife and mother to a couch potato that could not get out of bed for more than 3 hours a day in just 3 years.

I was dead.

During the time of my physical illness, I had also experienced a lot of emotional stress. My grandmother and my grandfather passed away. My father had a heart attack and nearly died. My father in law had a major bypass surgery. I moved my mother from Southern CA to Northern Ca. I started a new business. And in the process, I lost a good part of my support system.

Life had taken its toll on me.

In 2016 I found a naturopath that listened to me and helped me regain some of my physical health. It took us almost 2 years. She is so wonderful and I was feeling better, but it just wasn’t enough.

I was still not experiencing the abundance in my life that I know I was meant to have.

Then Elena and 360° Impact Coaching came into my life.

I watched one of her Facebook videos about the 5 Shifts. It felt like she was speaking to me about me!

My husband Keith and I made an appointment with her to talk about her offerings. Keith and I made the commitment to my healing and jumped in with both feet.

After 12 weeks ALL of my symptoms are GONE! I am no longer in pain and I have my energy and zest for life back. I am alive!!!

Working with Elena has empowered me with the tools I need to be successful and to continue growing and moving forward in my healing in a way I did not know previously existed.

NOW, catch the rest of the story on this supercharged interview with Lisa and Keith.



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