Why You Should Stop Detoxes, Diets, and Cleanses for Good

Sometimes I find myself in the perpetual state of rolling my eyes over the “health world” idiocracy.

Yesterday I took my daughter to a bookstore. While she was browsing her titles, I turned around to seek something to preoccupy my time. I was faced with three large bookshelves of diets, detoxes, and cleanse plans that all promised to help me to either drop unwanted inches, think myself thin, or live my best life ever by…

Following their protocols.

A multi-billion industry staring me right in the face, begging to make me feel miserable about my body, so I could snatch one of its plans from the shelf, spend $39.97 on it, only to fail at it in the first 7 days, and go back to…

Loathing my inadequacies just because I “couldn’t be strong enough” to complete it.

You know I am right. You probably have a bushel and a peck of cleanses and detoxes lining your bookshelves or collecting digital dust on your computer.

So, the question that begs to be answered is this: “If cleanses, detoxes and dieting are so good for us, why is there an over 90% failure rate? And why, the moment you stop “detoxing,” you feel link a pile of junk and you go off on a binge?”

In today’s episode of THE HEALTH WIZARD PODCAST, I will show you that unless you are a sucker for punishment, you should NEVER do a cleanse or a detox again. And, of course, I will show you a BETTER (easier, sustainable way) to cleanse your innards, while getting in shape and reclaiming your health through simple and sustainable steps.

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Why You Should Stop Detoxes, Diets, and Cleanses for Good

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