4 Steps to Releasing Trauma that Causes Thyroid, Hormone, and Autoimmune Disorders

While most who struggle with thyroid, hormone, and autoimmune conditions will never hear this from their doctors – physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual trauma and distress play a huge role in the development of autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s, Thyroid Eye Disease, other autoimmune conditions, and can even be a factor in causing infertility and other hormone disorders.

While present-day studies on this topic are scarce, a few decades ago the connection between trauma and autoimmune diseases was drawn by the medical community. Unfortunately, it has been abandoned in favor of quick fixes, which don’t last. However, there are some recent studies that continue to draw a correlation between trauma, stress, and the development of autoimmune disorders.

One study showed that up to 80% of patients reported uncommon emotional stress before autoimmune disease onset.

Our immune system is designed to protect the body, whether the threat is emotional, physical, psychological, environmental, or dietary. But what happens if the threat is the trauma that lingers with us for years? And we unconsciously remain in a state of constant alert?

As a result of prolonged distress, our cells become prone to excessive inflammatory signaling. The body draws heavily on the storage of minerals and vitamins in our bodies and quickly depletes them. If we eat an unhealthy diet and continue to live in stress, we continue to produce hormones of stress to survive, while the body neglects its innate need to regulate hormone production necessary for ALL functions of our existence – thyroid regulation, reproductive hormone regulation, and even our heart health.

If we add the toxicity of medications, excessive supplementation, toxic personal care products, and environmental factors, the inflammation continues and leads to chronic disease.

What kind of trauma can cause such regression in our health and lead to an autoimmune response?

Early childhood trauma is one of the leading causes. Childhood trauma affects the development of the brain. It decreases hippocampal volume which is related to major depressive disorder.

At the same time, children create meanings around the trauma that affects their relationship with themselves and their bodies, which are often negative and cause further stress on the developing mind and body.

However, it is not only early childhood trauma that can be a contributing factor, or even direct causation of autoimmune disorders – any trauma at any age leads to similar outcomes.

Furthermore, stress affects our digestive system. When our gut is not functioning correctly, the entire system begins to fail.

In today’s episode of THE HEALTH WIZARD PODCAST, I will show you the mechanics of how this happens, and then give you 4 steps to identifying and releasing your trauma, so you can start healing.

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4 Steps to Releasing Trauma that Causes Thyroid, Hormone, and Autoimmune Disorders

link between trauma and autoimmune disease

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