We’d all heard the promise: “Take this medication, and you’re going to feel better!” Yet, that’s the thing that seems to elude us – feeling better. And yet, we want to hold onto these lies.

I’ve been health coaching for over a decade and have helped thousands to resolve their chronic conditions, and in that time I had met less than a handful of people who had long-term benefits from medications. Most develop multiple side effects and end up feeling much worse than before.

Why does this happen?

Because medications DO NOT ADDRESS THE ROOT CAUSE of the problem!

They can manage some symptoms for some time, and they can affect your labs, but curing you of the very thing you want to heal from?


Yet an entire medical industry has been created around the premise that medications can CURE…

And have you noticed that the medical industry has been looking for cures to multiple health conditions, such as cancer, Hashimoto’s, MS, etc., for decades, yet has NOTHING to show for it?

Billions of dollars have been raised by everyday people like you and me and donated to the industry that makes nearly a trillion dollars in drug sales every year, but…

They have nothing to show for the money they spend on “looking for the cure.”

Want to know why?

Two reasons:

1. They are looking in all the wrong places. The Pharmaceutical industry might be interested in finding a cure, as long as it’s not natural.

Natural cures cannot be patented, so, no money can be made, and no funding can be raised.

Also, cancers and other chronic conditions are created in natural environments (our bodies), so a natural solution is required to address such problems. (HINT – many natural approaches have been found – from prevention to reversal – to resolve even the latest stages of many chronic conditions, but they are demonized because they are natural and can’t be patented for-profit.)

2. The medical industry is NOT interested in cures! It’s an industry that is interested in making PROFIT! It’s business. And as a business, they are not interested in working themselves out of revenue! The goal is the opposite – to increase the revenue. And what can be more lucrative than providing solutions that do not cure illnesses but rather keep you an ever-paying consumer?

So, if you are looking for a solution to a chronic condition, you might want to avoid the industry that is not vested in your wellness and is the third leading cause of death in America. You have to look outside the conventional norm.

In fact, you have to look INWARD to find your health.

Most chronic conditions are a byproduct of poor diet, trauma, and lifestyle choices. I personally evaluate over 18 possible factors when identifying the root cause of hormone, thyroid, and autoimmune disorders.

In today’s podcast, I take a deep dive into why the “medication is the only way” approach fails us, and what you can do about the lies your doctors sold you for years.

ONCE YOU’VE LISTENED to the podcast, and…

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NOTE: This post is my opinion and is not meant to replace medical advice.

What to do about the lies your doctors sold you – PODCAST EPISODE

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