Winning a 25-year Battle With Hashimoto’s, Depression and Anxiety in 2 Weeks

There is no guarantee of having only the health disorder itself. Most health disorders come with a bouquet of symptoms and companion diseases.
Such was Aimee’s case. A busy mom and professional, a natural go-getter – one day she began to feel tired, powerless, and unmotivated. Pushing herself out of bed each morning was tough. And even tougher was the fact that Aimee became a couch parent – wanting to but not capable of being an active parent to her sons.
It was not like her at all, so, Aimee went to see her doctor. Rather than uncovering the root cause of her symptoms and helping Aimee address it, however, the doctor prescribed her Prozac.
Indifference and apathy took over Aimee’s life the moment she began to take the drug. After only a few weeks on it, Aimee knew that this is not the life she wanted for herself or her family. She wanted to be present, alert, engaged, and healthy, not living like a Zombie. So, she pressed for more testing and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and a leaky gut. With time, she added allergies, fatty liver, and a few more diagnoses to her list.
Yet, just like the time before, conventional medicine had no answer for her. Dependence on prescription drugs was its only plan.
Not one to sit idly, Aimee spent the next two decades searching for an answer. Prescription drugs, supplements, health programs – Aimee tried them all. But no outcomes. Until…
Aimee caught an episode of the HEALTH WIZARD PODCAST.
It infused her with hope. However, years of searching and failing left her feeling skeptical. Could 360° Impact Health be really the answer?
She was reluctant to ask for help.
It took her six months to reach her “It’s my time now!” point. But when she finally did, she knew that she did not have another 25 years to DIY her health while living her life running on empty.
Then came her beautiful, and quite magical, transformation.
In only two weeks, after 25 years of searching, Aimee was symptom-free!
Twenty-seven symptoms – GONE!
Not participating in her own life was no longer an option! No more apathy, depression, anxiety, or hopelessness! Aimee now had a life to plan and live.
And no more medication and supplement potions! Instead of looking for a shortcut to health through using such substances, Aimee now knows how to uncover and address the root cause of the illnesses and their symptom.
She is now only weeks away from being fully medication-free! And lost over 20 lbs of excess weight.
Listen to this episode of the Health Wizard podcast to learn what changes Aimee made to resolve a 25-year-long battle in only TWO weeks.

If you are ready to take a step toward reversing symptoms from chronic illnesses, such as #Hypothyroidism, #Hashimotos, #Hyperthyroidism, #GraveDisease, #Infertility, #PCOS, #Endometriosis, or #Autoimmune conditions, my team and I are here to help you achieve a life of health, energy, joy, and longevity.

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