An Update on Athletes Who Beat Hypothyroidism

It’s easy to get short-term outcomes – sometimes even with the worst of plans. It happens. That’s why some crazy diets allow people to shed some weight initially and some meds will temporarily relieve symptoms.

However, short-term is not what you or I, or my clients, are interested in.

When you suffer from a hormone imbalance for years, and you tried everything there is to try – medications, supplements, diets, and anything else that you can come up with – the last thing you need is another attempt of something that might not work long-term.

What you need is ONE thing, one protocol, that can get you to your outcomes and keep you well going forward.

A while back I did interviews with Heidi and Lauren – both graduated from our 360 Impact Health Program, and both of them were avid athletes before hypothyroidism made it hard for them to live their dream.

Both, Heidi and Lauren, were able to reverse hypothyroidism and went on to achieve amazing things. Lauren went back to participating in triathlons, and Heidi had completed TWO Boston-qualifying marathons!

Today I sit down with them both to talk about what made their success last long-term, and what was the one biggest thing that contributed to their lasting health.

Enjoy their interview and then, if you feel it’s your turn to get your health back on track – see a link under this post to schedule a complimentary 15-min Health Audit call, during which we can talk about YOUR health goals and how to achieve permanent outcomes.

Athletes beat hypothyroidism

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