Weight Loss – Get it Off & Keep it Off!

  Hormone imbalances, such as PCOS and hypothyroidism, make it very hard to shed the extra weight, and even harder to keep it off for good. If you are struggling with these hormone imbalances and feel tired of counting calories, spending all of your waking hours at...

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Dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapies

Hormone replacement therapy drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of women and men opt into HRT, whether pharmaceutical or bio-identical, each year in hopes of reviving their libido, reducing menopausal symptoms, or as a means to address numerous hormone...

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Reversing Grave’s Disease Naturally – Nikki’s Story

  Nikki is a 25-yr 2nd grade teacher veteran who thought she was just under a lot of stress after going to doctors for about 4 years. Eventually Nikki was told she was battling Hypothyroidism & Grave’s Disease.  The medication she was put on provided a temporary...

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Folic Acid Supplements are Useless and Harmful

  Since most of my readers are women of childbearing age, I often receive questions about optimal pregnancy diet and prenatal supplements.  Questions about Folic Acid come at top of the list. Folic acid is the synthetic version of folate, vitamin B9, which is found...

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When Hormone Imbalances Destroy Marriages

  Did you catch the last episode "What to Do about Hormone Imbalance Induced Low Sex-Drive"? If you didn't, take 15 minutes to do so, because today we will  piggy back off that lesson. Today I and Jennifer Price, a relationship expert, are going to take a DEEP dive...

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