Extreme Weight Loss – She Lost Over 105 Lbs!

A few times in our lives do we meet people who truly inspire us and people who they come in contact with. I have been fortunate to have met not one, but many such people through my 360° Impact Health Program. Today I want to introduce you to one—a star in our client...

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Resolving PCOS and Depression Naturally

Just when you think that you were dealt the worst hand possible in your life you meet someone who has it just as bad or even worse than you. There was a time when I suffered for years from hormone imbalance-induced health issues - hypothyroidism, infertility, and even...

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Reverse Endometriosis Symptoms Naturally

When you feel like vomiting, when you are more nauseous than a pregnant woman,  when you are doubled over in so much pain that you can barely breathe...you probably have endometriosis. Not a fun hormone imbalance. It comes with irregular, painful cycles.  It causes...

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How They Put Graves’ Disease into Remission

1 in 200 Americans suffers from Graves' Disease - an autoimmune form of hyperthyroidism, which often progresses to TED (thyroid eye disease) with multiple symptoms. These symptoms might include anxiety, hand tremors, heat sensitivity, weight loss, puffy eyes, enlarged...

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How I Reversed Hypothyroidism Naturally

DISCLAIMER: Before reading this post, make sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this webiste.  The proceed accordingly.  The government tells us that as coaches we cannot use words such as HEAL or CURE, or even allude to the possibility of giving people any...

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